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    • 06/01/2020
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • Virtual - link will be provided after registration

    The Lancaster Area GIG was created to provide networking opportunities for ATD members living in the Lancaster area. However, since it's not easy for everyone to meet in person right now, we are taking the GIG online and opening it up to everyone!

    The focus of each meeting is the current issue of CLO Magazine (Chief Learning Officer - a free publication).  Join us for some informal discussions about the topics in the latest issue and for some networking with other talent development colleagues!  

    • 06/16/2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • Virtual

    Partner Event with the Greater Philadelphia ATD Chapter

    “A Look Ahead: The Now and the Next of Learning and Technology”

    Note that Central PA ATD chapter members qualify for a discounted partner rate.  Before registering, contact ATD-PHL’s administrator, Elena Rodgers, to get the discount code (info@tdphl.org).  Once you have the code, click here to register!

    Technology continues to advance rapidly, changing how we live and interact with the world around us. Today's learning professionals face the challenge of staying ahead of this curve and tracking the technologies that are shaping the future of organizational learning, while simultaneously recognizing technologies that may be more of a passing fad. 

    In this session, you will explore the changing face of the learning technology landscape. You will discuss the various technologies that have shifted the landscape of organizational learning. You will examine the common characteristics of these shifts so that you are better equipped to recognize which emerging technologies have the potential to disrupt organizational learning, as opposed to those that are just hype. You will leave this session better prepared to stay ahead of the evolving technology curve.

    Specific discussion takeaways:

    • How technology can disrupt organizational learning

    • Which technologies are shaping the future

    • The common characteristics shared by disruptive technologies

    • Tips for staying ahead of the technology curve

    About the Speaker

    David Kelly

    EVP & Executive Director

    The eLearning Guild

    David Kelly is the Executive Vice President and Executive Director of The eLearning Guild. David has been a learning and performance consultant and training director for over 20 years. He is a leading voice exploring how technology can be used to enhance training, education, learning, and organizational performance. David is an active member of the learning community, and can frequently be found speaking at industry events. He has previously contributed to organizations including ATD, eLearn Magazine, LINGOs, and more. He can be found online at his website davidkelly.me, or on Twitter @LnDDave.

    • 06/23/2020
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)
    • Virtual - link will be provided after registration
    • 95

    Did the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic change your business? Are you continuing to identify TD enhancements needed to better develop and support your teams no matter where or how they work? Would it make your life easier if you could ‘sell’ your ideas more quickly to other leaders so you could gain their support and implement the needed programs sooner?

    If you answered ‘Yes’ to just ONE of those questions, this presentation is right for you!

    Initiating changes concerning workforce training during a ‘normal’ business period isn’t easy. You know that. However, pushing for additional training now - when you’ve already experienced so much life and business-altering change - seems impossible. And, asking for organization-wide training when the future is uncertain is simply ludicrous. But is it? Why not take advantage of this opportunity to strategically and decisively position yourself and your workforce for even greater flexibility, fluidity, and success? Why not take this time to step up and show your organization how to drive, survive, and thrive in change and uncertainty?

    Takeaways/Objectives: At the end of Liz’s presentation, you will be able to:

    1. Highlight and communicate your value/TD’s value now in more compelling and appreciated ways
    2. Identify strategic opportunities to pursue now to align needed TD enhancements for increased flexibility, fluidity, and success
    3. Develop multiple messages to convey the validity and strength of your strategic initiatives now to drive effective TD change within your organization

    Once registered you will receive a link and password to access the event.

    Speaker Bio:

    Liz Weber | Speaker Exchange Agency

    Liz Weber is known for her candor and clear insights. Clients and audiences appreciate her engaging humor, down-to-earth style, and "packed to go" action strategies. If you're looking for someone who will tell it like it is and provide solid, workable solutions for business challenges, Liz Weber is the speaker for you.

    Liz has been named a Top HR Influencer to Watch in 2020 by BambooHR, is one of fewer than 100 professional speakers in the U.S. to hold both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designations. Having presented in 22 countries, Liz's presentations educate and energize audiences, spur thought, and ignite ideas to drive leaders and organizations forward.

    Liz Weber and her team provide strategic and succession planning, executive coaching, and comprehensive leadership development programs to business owners, boards of directors and leadership teams.

Past events

05/20/2020 The 4 Secrets of Training for Maximum Business Impact (virtual event)
04/29/2020 Work@Home – Wellness: Tips for Being Healthier, and More Effective, While Working from Home (complementary virtual event)
03/30/2020 Lancaster Area GIG - Canceled for March
03/11/2020 Developing Change Competencies
02/24/2020 Lancaster Area GIG
02/13/2020 Achieving Operational Efficiency Through Training Technology
01/27/2020 Lancaster Area GIG
01/21/2020 World Cafe: Learning Trends, Technologies and Challenges
12/18/2019 December Networking and Year End Celebration
11/25/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
11/14/2019 Panel Discussion with Learning Leaders
10/28/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
10/15/2019 Developing Coaches When You Have No Time to Develop Coaches
10/14/2019 West Shore Area GIG
10/11/2019 Live2Lead
09/24/2019 Designing a Better World: Instructional Design Competition to Give Back to Our Community
09/23/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
09/09/2019 West Shore Area GIG
08/26/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
08/21/2019 World Cafe: Learning Trends, Technologies,and Challenges
08/12/2019 West Shore Area GIG
07/29/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
07/18/2019 The Spooky Nook Experience: Team Building Through Fun and Adventure
07/11/2019 A Candid Conversation with James Kirkpatrick about Training Evaluation
07/08/2019 West Shore Area GIG
06/28/2019 Consultants Forum SIG
06/24/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
06/10/2019 West Shore Area GIG
06/06/2019 Community Service: Central PA Food Bank
06/05/2019 RECAP: International Conference and Expo
05/27/2019 Lancaster Area GIG - NO MEETING
05/16/2019 Annual Spring Fling: Mini Golf Tournament
05/13/2019 West Shore Area GIG
04/29/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
04/26/2019 Consultants Forum SIG
04/25/2019 Mix it Up: A Recipe for Blended Delivery
04/11/2019 Fired Up for ICE: Prepping for ATD 2019 Conference & EXPO
04/08/2019 West Shore Area GIG
03/25/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
03/21/2019 Beyond the Classroom Door: Changing Expectations for Adult Educators
03/11/2019 West Shore Area GIG
02/28/2019 Emotional Intelligence 2.0
02/25/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
02/22/2019 Consultants Forum SIG
02/21/2019 World Cafe: Learning Trends, Technologies, and Challenges
02/11/2019 West Shore Area GIG
01/28/2019 Lancaster Area GIG
01/14/2019 West Shore Area GIG
01/10/2019 The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game: Communication Edition
12/28/2018 Consultants Forum SIG
12/13/2018 December Networking and Year End Celebration
12/10/2018 West Shore Area GIG
11/26/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
11/12/2018 West Shore Area GIG
11/08/2018 Panel Discussion with Learning Leaders
10/29/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
10/26/2018 Consultants Forum SIG
10/12/2018 Live2Lead
10/08/2018 West Shore Area GIG
09/27/2018 September Networking Event
09/24/2018 Lancaster Area GIG - CANCELED
09/10/2018 West Shore Area GIG
09/07/2018 The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Personal Development
08/31/2018 Consultants Forum SIG
08/30/2018 Designing & Developing eLearning Workshop
08/13/2018 West Shore Area GIG
07/30/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
07/16/2018 Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
07/09/2018 West Shore Area GIG
06/29/2018 Consultants Forum SIG
06/25/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
06/12/2018 Aligning People with Strategy through Competency Models
06/11/2018 West Shore Area GIG
06/07/2018 Debunking Diversity Myths
05/24/2018 Central PA ATD Annual Spring Fling!
05/14/2018 West Shore Area GIG
04/30/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
04/27/2018 Consultants Forum SIG
04/25/2018 The Starbucks Experience: Growth Mindset and Social Needs
04/09/2018 West Shore Area GIG
03/28/2018 March Networking Event
03/26/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
03/12/2018 West Shore Area GIG
02/26/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
02/22/2018 Consultants Forum SIG
02/15/2018 Delivering Excellence—White House Style
02/12/2018 West Shore Area GIG
01/29/2018 Lancaster Area GIG
01/25/2018 Catalytic Encounter: A New Way to Vision the Future
01/08/2018 West Shore Area GIG: Helping Your Organization and Employees to Set Goals in 2018
12/12/2017 December Networking & Celebration
12/11/2017 West Shore Area GIG
11/27/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
11/13/2017 West Shore Area GIG
11/08/2017 Turkey Hill Experience
10/30/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
10/24/2017 Board Meeting
10/19/2017 Amp your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
10/09/2017 West Shore Area GIG
09/25/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
09/12/2017 Telepresence and Simulation
08/22/2017 Board Meeting
08/15/2017 Uncovering Points of View with Points of You
07/31/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
07/20/2017 July Networking Event
07/10/2017 West Shore Area GIG
06/27/2017 Board Meeting
06/27/2017 Creating Results-Oriented eLearning with Narrative and Stories
06/26/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
06/19/2017 Central PA Food Bank Volunteer Night
06/12/2017 West Shore Area GIG
05/17/2017 Up Your ROI Game
05/02/2017 Take Me Out to the Ball Game with ATD!
04/25/2017 Board Meeting
04/24/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
03/27/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
03/07/2017 Smart Growth for Business – Strategies to enable dramatic business growth
02/28/2017 Board Meeting
02/27/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
02/22/2017 Points of You: An Experiential Encounter
01/30/2017 Lancaster Area GIG
12/16/2016 Consultants Forum SIG
12/07/2016 December Networking & Celebration
12/05/2016 Employee Learning Week
11/18/2016 DIY Digital Media
10/31/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - Monday, October 31
10/28/2016 Consultants Forum SIG
10/25/2016 Hershey Area GIG
10/20/2016 Learning Event: Navigating the Learning Ecosystem
10/07/2016 Live2Lead
09/27/2016 Hershey Area GIG
09/26/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - Monday, September 26
09/16/2016 Cultivating Resilience - What Wise Leaders Do
08/30/2016 Hershey Area GIG
08/26/2016 Consultants Forum SIG
08/22/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - Monday, August 22
08/10/2016 Ice Breaker Olympics 2016 - Networking Event
07/26/2016 Hershey Area GIG
07/25/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - Monday, July 25
07/20/2016 Central PA Networking Event
06/28/2016 Hershey Area GIG
06/27/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - Monday, June 27
06/24/2016 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
06/24/2016 Consultants Forum SIG
05/31/2016 Hershey Area GIG
05/17/2016 May Learning Event: 1% Leadership Everyday As You Communicate for Success
05/12/2016 Central PA Online SIG
04/29/2016 Consultants Forum SIG
04/28/2016 Annual Spring Fling
04/26/2016 Hershey Area GIG
04/25/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - April 25
04/22/2016 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
04/14/2016 Central PA Online SIG - Cancelled
03/29/2016 Hershey Area GIG
03/28/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - March 28
03/18/2016 March Learning Event: Facilitating for Change - The Part of Art
03/10/2016 Central PA Online SIG
02/29/2016 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose) - February 29
02/26/2016 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
02/26/2016 Consultants Forum SIG
02/23/2016 Hershey Area GIG
02/10/2016 February Webinar Series: Avoiding Pitfalls for Webinars and Virtual Meetings
02/05/2016 February Learning Event: Make and Take - Free team engagement tools for fun and profit
01/26/2016 CANCELLED: Hershey Area GIG
01/25/2016 CANCELLED: Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
12/16/2015 December Networking Event
12/10/2015 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
12/09/2015 Greater Philadelphia Chapter Employee Learning Week
11/24/2015 Hershey Area GIG
11/17/2015 November Learning Event: How to Build and Maintain a Meaningful Career - What Training Professionals Need to Know
11/12/2015 Lewisburg Area GIG
10/30/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
10/27/2015 Hershey Area GIG
10/26/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
10/15/2015 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
10/09/2015 Live2Lead
09/29/2015 Hershey Area GIG
09/28/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
09/25/2015 Learning at Auntie Anne's
09/25/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
09/10/2015 Webinar: ABCD Learning Objectives
08/31/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
08/25/2015 CANCELED: Hershey Area GIG
08/13/2015 Lewisburg Area GIG
08/04/2015 CANCELED: New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
07/31/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
07/28/2015 Hershey Area GIG
07/27/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
07/16/2015 July Learning Event: Creative Thinking Cap – Ideas To Shake Up Your Training
06/30/2015 CANCELED: Hershey Area GIG
06/29/2015 June Learning Event: Facilitation Skills
06/29/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
06/26/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
05/26/2015 Hershey Area GIG
05/14/2015 Lewisburg Area GIG
05/05/2015 May Learning Event: Games, Gamification and the Quest for Interactivity
04/30/2015 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
04/28/2015 Hershey Area GIG
04/27/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
04/24/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
04/16/2015 Annual Spring Fling
03/31/2015 Hershey Area GIG
03/30/2015 Lancaster Area GIG (formerly Red Rose)
03/27/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
02/27/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
02/24/2015 Hershey Area GIG
02/23/2015 Red Rose Learning Community
02/16/2015 In-Person: The Work of Leaders - A Digital Morning with an Elegant Model
02/12/2015 Susquehanna Valley Learning Community GIG
01/30/2015 Consultants Forum SIG
01/27/2015 CANCELED: Hershey Area GIG
01/26/2015 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
01/26/2015 Red Rose Learning Community
11/24/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
11/13/2014 Webinar: L&D Emerging Measurement Insights
10/28/2014 Hershey Learning Community
10/27/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
10/23/2014 Professional Development Day 2014
10/15/2014 Knowledge Exchange: Problem-Based Learning & Game Design (Part 2)
09/29/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
09/18/2014 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
09/18/2014 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
09/11/2014 The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
08/25/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
08/15/2014 In-Person: Instructional Design - It's All About The Learner
07/31/2014 Harrisburg University: Exploring Training / eLearning Consultant-preneurship
07/28/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
07/24/2014 In-Person: Virtual Team Development
07/17/2014 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
06/30/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
05/02/2014 Webinar: The 5 Secret Technologies That Will Change Your Workplace
04/28/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
04/17/2014 In-Person: Problem-Based Learning & Game Design (Part 1)
04/11/2014 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
04/08/2014 Time Management with Rick Kerner
03/31/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
03/28/2014 National ASTD: Facilitating for Excellence Certificate
03/20/2014 Central PA Chapter Holiday Party (Spring Fling!)
03/17/2014 National ASTD: Integrated Talent Management for Government Certificate
03/14/2014 In-Person: Partnering with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for Learning and Results (Lancaster)
03/13/2014 In-Person: Partnering with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for Learning and Results (Harrisburg)
02/24/2014 Red Rose Learning Community
02/12/2014 Knowledge Exchange: Articulate Storyline Development
02/06/2014 Webinar: Five-Step Achievement Process
01/30/2014 In-Person Webinar: The ASTD Competency Study: Training & Development Redefined
01/30/2014 PADLA: Cutting-Edge Learning Methodologies & Technologies
01/06/2014 Central PA Chapter Holiday Party
12/30/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
11/25/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
11/21/2013 November Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
11/15/2013 Knowledge Exchange: Change Management
10/28/2013 Webinar Part 3: How Do I Become a Certified Action Learning Coach?
10/28/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
10/18/2013 Professional Development Day
10/16/2013 Creating New Supervisor Training Certificate: October 16 - 17, 2013
10/14/2013 Webinar Part 2: How Can I Use Action Learning in My Work?
09/30/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
09/23/2013 Webinar Part 1: What is Action Learning?
09/19/2013 Webinar: Getting Social - Professional Development through Social Media
08/16/2013 Knowledge Exchange: Rapid Development
08/16/2013 Pancake Phon-a-thon
07/29/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
07/25/2013 July Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
07/23/2013 Training Certificate: July 23 - 25, 2013
06/28/2013 Knowledge Exchange: Virtual Team Development
06/24/2013 Pancake Phon-a-thon
06/20/2013 Authentic Management Techniques Workshop: June 20-21, 2013
06/10/2013 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
06/10/2013 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
05/23/2013 FREE WEBINAR! Talent Management: The Basics and Beyond
05/17/2013 Pancake Phon-a-thon
05/10/2013 Knowledge Exchange: Webinars & Virtual Classrooms
04/29/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
04/19/2013 Knowledge Exchange Luncheon: Creative Training Techniques
03/25/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
02/28/2013 User Experience in Learning
02/25/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
01/28/2013 Red Rose Learning Community
12/18/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
12/13/2012 Managing Organization Knowledge
12/11/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
12/05/2012 December Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
12/03/2012 Central PA ASTD Holiday Party & Annual Meeting
11/27/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning MeetUp
11/27/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
11/26/2012 Red Rose Learning Community
11/20/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
11/13/2012 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
11/13/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
11/08/2012 Delivering Training
11/06/2012 November Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
10/29/2012 Red Rose Learning Community
10/23/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
10/16/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
10/16/2012 Professional Development Day and Fundraiser for Dave Burns
10/11/2012 Managing the Learning Function
10/11/2012 October Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
10/09/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
09/25/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
09/24/2012 Red Rose Learning Community
09/18/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
09/13/2012 Successfully Manage Organizational Change
09/12/2012 September Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
09/11/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
08/28/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
08/27/2012 Simulation Learning - Red Rose GIG Meeting at LGCNHS
08/21/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
08/20/2012 FREE VIRTUAL EVENT! Coaching - It's All About the Client
08/14/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
08/07/2012 August Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
07/30/2012 Red Rose Learning Community
07/24/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
07/17/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
07/17/2012 July Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
07/10/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
06/26/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
06/25/2012 Red Rose Learning Community - Lancaster GIG
06/19/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
06/14/2012 Coaching
06/12/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
06/07/2012 June Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
05/24/2012 New Member Webinar/Chapter Introduction
05/22/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
05/18/2012 Franklin/Adams Counties GIG Meeting
05/15/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
05/10/2012 Workforce/Succession Planning & Career Development
05/10/2012 May Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
05/08/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
04/24/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
04/17/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
04/11/2012 Measuring & Evaluation - April Program
04/10/2012 April Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
04/10/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
03/27/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
03/21/2012 Lebanon Geographic Interest Group Meeting
03/20/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
03/15/2012 Susquehanna Valley Geographic Interest Group
03/14/2012 Franklin/Adams County GIG Meeting
03/13/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
03/08/2012 CPLP: Improving Human Performance
03/07/2012 March Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
02/28/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
02/27/2012 Red Rose Learning Community
02/21/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
02/14/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
02/09/2012 CPLP: Designing Learning
02/07/2012 February Chapter Board/Leadership Meeting
01/24/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
01/17/2012 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
01/12/2012 Advance Your Career with Central PA ASTD
01/10/2012 Central PA ASTD Tweet Chat
12/20/2011 Beginner's Twitter for Learning
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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