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Benefits of ATD Leadership Positions - by Lynn Tonini

When I speak with new members, I often share that I have served in several leadership positions in the chapter over the years. I have served on the Programs Task Force and then moved in to the VP of Programs role. I served as President of the chapter, as well as the VP of Membership. Why did I do this? Why did I choose to spend some of my free time working for the chapter? Well, it is because of three things: the relationships I built, the experience I gained, and the impact I was able to make on the chapter.


It is one thing to meet people briefly when attending a CPA ATD program. It is completely different when you are in a leadership role and have the opportunity to get to know other Board or Task Force members throughout the year. I have built professional relationships in my various leadership positions that will last throughout my career. In fact, I was Facebook friends with Donald Kirkpatrick until he passed away because I was the VP of Programs when our team brought him in to conduct a workshop for our chapter.


Especially when I was a younger training professional, the experience I gained serving in a leadership role for the chapter was extremely valuable. I didn’t have many chances to stretch my leadership muscles in my job at the time, but through the chapter, I could put my newly acquired leadership skills (e.g., managing a team toward a goal; managing the design, development and implementation of initiatives, etc.) on my resume.


One thing that I have truly appreciated as a chapter leader is the ability to make an impact on the chapter’s services and benefits. This has been particularly true in the VP of Membership role where I worked with the Membership Task Force to develop standard operating procedures for Membership and then document them for future teams. The Task Force is also developing new services and benefits for members who are consultants and those who are students. I look forward to seeing these implemented next year.

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