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Central PA ATD: Copyright Statement

Copyright 2018
: Central PA Chapter ATD, All Rights Reserved

The Central PA, ATD (Central PA ATD) possesses a copyright of all text and graphic images of all documents at the domain centralpachapterastd.memberlodge.com and centralpaastd.org.  Unless otherwise noted, no part of any document on the centralpachapterastd.memberslodge.com and centralpaastd.org websites may be copied, transcribed, stored, merged, altered or otherwise reproduced by electronic or mechanical means, for any purpose without prior written permission of Central PA ATD.

Furthermore, you may not distribute the text or graphics to others withour prior written permission of Central PA ATD: "mirror" or includes this information on your own server or documents without the permission of Central PA ATD, modify or re-use the text or graphics on this system.

You may print copies of the information for your own personal use; store the files on your own computer for your personal use only; reference hypertext documents on this server from your own documents.

Each individual document delivered from this server may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information applicable to that individual document.  You are advised if so indicated in such proprietary notices and/or copyright information.

For more information on this copyright policy, please contact the Chapter Administrator at atdadmin@centralpaatd.org 

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